Bend it, Mold it, Shape it. With All Over “Flexibility,” This Phone is all You Need.

Morph is one of the newest and most innovative ideas today coming to us from the great minds at Cambridge and NOKIA Together, they have devised a new way to present their phone to the world: with true flexibility of design. Morph is an idea that will demonstrate to the world how mobile handsets of the future can be made of material that will allow them to stretch and flex into radically different shapes. Can you imagine being about to sculpt your mobile phone? Well now you can! This new idea will demonstrate the functionality that can be achieved using nanotechnology in the creation of our phones of tomorrow. The goal was to reinvent the form and functionality of today’s mobile phone, and they really hit the nail on the head with this one.Combining art and science, Cambridge and Nokia have found the perfect way to show off the real potential of nanoscience. Through Morph, they are finding new, safe, and controlled ways to use new materials. This new idea may ultimately affect everything that the future holds for the world of mobile handsets and mobile handset users. Ideas used in Morph may be incorporated into phones that will be released in the near future. Within the next seven years, initially only for the high end bidders, we will start to see these materials in new handsets. Nanotechnology could eventually lead to lowest costs for manufacturing and offer the possibility for integration of complex functionality at these lower prices.

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