Nokia E72 feature packed handset unveiled

Nokia, the leading giants of the mobile world, has announced the availability of their new E72, which boasts of a varieties of advanced and latest attributes. Featuring 5-mp camera,qwetry keyboard and Optical scrolling, the E72 brags of integrating the best attributes of the most-wanted and much-talked about QWERTY mobile handsets from Nokia.
The E72 comes built-in with 10mm frame on the exterior, which is developed to integrate a few sleek designs whereas the interior comes built-in with various interface upgrades. If you are an internet savvy, the phone brags of giving support to a 10.2Mbps speed through HSDPA connectivity. It comes integrated with 5mp upgraded camera. And for additional convenience, the company has positioned the 3.5mm audio jack at the top of the device.
Besides, the cell phone comes integrated with the optical navigation key, which users can use to quickly navigate between menus and web-pages. The E72 is also capable of supporting Nokia Messaging in conjunction with (IM) instant messaging. The integrated features lets you enjoy trouble-free set-up of IM clients such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Ovi and more. As its reviews, the Nokia Messaging service also boasts of allowing effortless e-mail set up in conjunction with IBM Lotus Note Traveler and Mail for Exchange.
Besides, it also comes featured with active noise cancellation techniques to improve the quality of sound and digital compass. The space bar key functions as a torch off/on key to make available one touch access.
Last but not the least, the phone comes built-in with Maps that boast of providing a life-long walk and ten days service of turn-by-turn navigation. To avail this service, it needs to be provided with activation within the first three months.
The Nokia E72 is slated to be shipped ahead of the Q3 of 2009 comes to an end. It will be rolled out with the price tag of around €350.

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