MWC2009: LG mobile with a transparent keyboard

LG came with a powerful set of phones to Barcelona, one of their most interesting models is called GD900. The phone is a top hype due to its design, as the sliding keyboard is transparent and its told to be made of glass, but we'll check this out personally.
Unfortunately not many specific things have been told about the specs, but it's sure that GD900 will have stereo Bluetooth support, as there will be a headset made specifically for this phone from LG. We also know the handset's size: 105 x 52.5 x 13.4 mm, and it's also sure that the phone will support 7.2 megabit HSDPA data transfer.

We were told that today they will tell additional infos, but it's note pretty clear why should we wait 24 hours for that. Anyway, pictures are coming up from the LG booth and of the really special and unique phone.

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